Joseph Sassoon

Brand Stories that Make You Click
How to build powerful narratives that people will want to share

Brand Storytelling Has Changed

Web users today resist all the invasive techniques of the old communication model, and expect companies to appeal to them with fresher, more collaborative approaches. Discover how you can leverage people’s interest and participation in spreading your stories on the Web.

Content Expert Joseph Sassoon

Joseph Sassoon is a researcher, analyst, consultant, conference speaker based in Milan, Italy. He works on brand storytelling advising national and international companies about the new exciting ways to create content and engage customers in the online world.

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If you are you asking yourself some of these questions, and are looking for a solution, then contact me:

  • What brand story should our company tell on the web?

  • Are the structure and form of our brand narrative good enough?

  • We have several ideas about a brand story, which is the best?

  • How can we make our employees and customers take part in our web storytelling?

  • What can make a brand story relevant to people of different nations, cultures, and traditions?

  • How can our web storytelling become more engaging?

  • What is the way to start producing some meaningful and attractive branded content?

  • How can we ensure that our offline and online storytelling work in synergy?