Studying Storytelling in Italy

Are you interested in brand and corporate storytelling? And do you love Italy? If the answer to both questions is yes – and if you are a student in search of a second level degree – you have now the chance to attend the Master in Storytelling at Pavia University, the first-ever course of this kind in Italy.

The precise name of the course is Master in Marketing Utilities and Storytelling Techniques (MUST) and the possibility to apply for the academic year starting in January 2017 is already open. Subjects include many marketing topics conceived to offer a solid basis for the study of a wide range of storytelling issues.

As most of the teaching will refer to the new needs of storytelling skills and techniques among companies, young managers and professionals working in communication could also find the Master very useful to their career.

If you want more information, just check MUST’s website at this address:

By the way, I will be one of the teachers! Thus, let me use the slogan for the Master that has been concocted:

These Days, Storytelling Is a MUST!

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