My Work



I have been doing qualitative and quantitative research on communication issues for more than two decades. 

Topics include branding, advertising, packaging, logo, magazines, retail spaces, and then, websites and social media. I handle all research assignments through my own boutique agency, Alphabet Research, based in Milan, Italy.




I have developed an original approach to analyse communication materials based on French semiotics and American storytelling.
Even when market research is not possible, this method can help companies position their brands, improve their branded content, and build more powerful stories.



I lead storytelling workshops for companies and communication agencies, helping them develop correct, strong and compelling content.

In the age of social business everyone is a storyteller: these workshop can help enhance your team’s skills in engaging web users with stories they’ll want to share.

Joseph Sassoon was for many years professor of Communication Sociology at the State University of Milan. 

He now teaches Brand Storytelling at the Master in Storytelling (MUST), University of Pavia.

He is partner at Alphabet Research, and works as content expert for OpenKnowledge, a social business company.

He sits on the Advisory Board of the Storytelling Observatory  at University of Pavia.